Kings discipline in mountains

Alpinism is mouneering in all its disciplines performed in high mountains mostly in Alps and other high mountains. Alpinism includes classic tours to alpine four-thousanders or more demanding rock and mixed climbing of high alpine walls. Classic ascents include the ascent via Hörnligrat to the Matterhorn, the normal route to Mont Blanc, normal route to Grossglockner or Gran Paradiso and others.

The second area of ​​alpinism is more demanding hikes conducted in more difficult terrains. They can include ice climbing, rock climbing of higher difficulty. Examples are Dent du Géant, Aiguille di Midi south wall, Aiguille du Tour, Badile, the Stüdlgrat ridge on the Grossglockner or the Mittellegi ridge on the Eiger.

There is an immense amount of goals for alpinism and mountaineering ascents in the Alps, and you can always choose a goal tailored to everyone’s current abilities. If you want to go to the Alps but don’t know how, don’t hesitate to write to me. I will arrange an adventure that you will not forget.